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Thanks for a great summer!


ISU Math/Stat REU Summer 2009

Photo(s) of the week    

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Front T-shirt design above.  Group designs for back:  
Markov Chains/Stochastic Difference Equations     Conbinatorial Matrix Theory
Algebraic Combinatorics/Symmetric Norms              Statistics 

Schedule- July 25 - July 31                    

M - F 9A-5P Do research except for scheduled activities below and lunch break (even when no group lunch).
Note some listed activities, such as CMT or stat workshop, are for only a subset of students- consult your faculty mentor if in doubt as to whether to attend. Blue = whole group. Red = food.

As long as you get your work done and attend scheduled activities relevant to your group, you can choose when/where to work unless instructed otherwise by your faculty mentor.

Faculty mentors have authority to excuse students from any scheduled activity to avoid disruption of research.

Weekend and evening activities are optional.

Saturday July 25
5:30                Brookside park grillout- call Jason for more info

Sunday July 26
6-9 PM            Multi-cultural night/Spanish class dinner  Carver Lobby

Monday July 27 
9 AM              AC meet in 196 Carver
9 AM              CMT meet in 74 Carver
noon               Union Drive Marketplace REU student lunch menu

Tuesday July 28
e-mail presentations to Leslie who will send them to Iowa City.  Want them by noon must have by 4 P.
 9 AM              AC  196 Carver
9 AM              CMT meet in 74 Carver
12:45-1           t-shirt pickup 400 Carver
1:15                group picture wearing t-shirts

Wednesday July 29
7:15 AM         Load vans in FC parking lot, breakfast in van
7:30 AM        Vans depart for Iowa City

Thursday July 30
5 PM               Vans return from Iowa City

Friday July 31
all day        pack and clean              
4:45            REU farewell dinner at King Buffet


Undergraduate Students      

Jonathan Ackerman            Bowdoin College
Francis Adams                     Carleton College
Kim Ayers                              Bowdoin College
Eduardo Beltran Feliciano  University of Puerto Rico
, Rio Piedras
Joshua Bonet Huertas         University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Chrisitina Edholm                 Willamette University
Mario  Fields                          Morehouse College
Alexandra Gendreau           Wellesley College
Carmen Gurrola                    University of Texas-Pan American
Diana Hay                             University of California, Santa Cruz
Vivek Hirpara                        Iowa State University
Kirsten Hogenson                University of North Dakota
My Huynh                              Arizona State University
Alvin Kerber                          Brown University
Joshua LaGrange                Iowa State University
Devin Lu                                Stanford University
Peter Lund                             University of Pittsburgh
Kaitlyn Murphy                      Montclair State University
Carlos Ortiz                            University of Puerto Rico
, Rio Piedras
Camila Ramirez                    University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Ashley Schulteis                   Wartburg College
Roberto Toro                         University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Mose Wintner                         University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Students

Edgard Almodovar               University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Israel Almodovar                  University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Ralph Culver                         ISU (Stat)
Laura DeLoss                       ISU (Math)
Takisha Harrison                  Alabama A & M/ISU (Stat)
Luvenia Hellams                  ISU (Stat)
Michelle Lastrina                  ISU (Math)
Tracy McKay                         ISU (Math)
Rolando Olivares                 University of Texas-Pan American
Oktay Olmez
                          ISU (Math)
Travis Peters                         ISU (Math)
Reza Rastegar                      ISU (Math)
Darren Row                           ISU (Math)
Ashleigh Smith                     ISU (Stat)
Jason Smith                          ISU (Math)
Geoff Tims                             ISU (Math)


Arka Ghosh                           ISU (Stat)
Leslie Hogben                      ISU (Math)
Mark Kaiser                    
      ISU (Stat)
Wolfgang Kliemann             ISU (Math)
Jillian McLeod                      Mt. Holyoke College
Justin Peters            
            ISU (Math)
Alex Roitershtein                  ISU (Math)
Derrick Rollins 
                    ISU (Stat)
Mack Shelley   
                    ISU (Stat)
Sung-Yell Song                   ISU (Math)
Cindy Yu    
                          ISU (Stat)

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